Lehmann Audio headphone amplifiers and phono stages

Lehmann Audio hi-fi separates are similar in their simple style but under the hood feature premium components and are designed […] The post Lehmann Audio headphone amplifiers and phono stages appeared first on Audio Affair Blog.

Lehmann Audio headphone amplifiers and phono stages

Lehmann Audio hi-fi separates are similar in their simple style but under the hood feature premium components and are designed to deliver different functions and pleasure for a range of headphones and turntable applications. Not only are the German brand champions of high-end headphone amplification, but their phono stages have also become a cult-product for record spinners around the world.

Lehmann Audio Linear SE Headphone Amplifier

Lehmann Audio Brand History

Lehmann Audio was founded in 1988 by Norbert Lehmann in Cologne, Germany. Since Norbert was only a sound engineering student at the time, the company arose from a pure passion for audio. During his studies he found some key factors that were essential for a faithful reproduction of music; power, signal-to-noise ratio, and distortion levels. On top of the technical specs, Lehmann’s take on audio technology has implemented these factors, and have drove the company’s development of high end products.

The first product released was the Black cube phono amp in 1995, which received world-wide acclamation and reviews in renowned publications in the years to follow. In the early 2000’s, the first headphone amp – the Linear was released, and similar to the phono stage previous, it was a success from it’s initial onset. Over the years, the company have developed a new-generation of amps including the Studio/Stage series, portable headphone amps and the innovative Drachenfels. Lehmann Audio’s successful history is testament to the knowledge, insight and expert engineering the brand preserve in order to deliver the perfect sound.

Home Series

As the first headphone amp created by Lehmann, the Linear represents the reference standard for their headphone amps. Instrumental to the design of their headphones is achieving the most joyous listening experience, free from ear fatigue. This is achieved by maintaining high-transient accuracy, ideal sensitivity and enough power for your desired headphones. Linear is able capable of driving both demanding headphones and low impedance heasphones with incredible accuracy and gorgeous transparency. It sets the standards of Lehmann’s headphone amp design with discrete class A output stage and switchable gain to cater to all types of headphones.

Lehmann Audio Linear Headphone Amplifier

For a dynamic yet delicate performance, with sophisticated delivery across the frequency range, then the Linear is really one of the best amps we’ve heard with a pair of dynamic headphones. For a step up in musical performance and quality of components, the Linear SE headphone amp features an upgrade Low Z-copper and new vibration-damping SSC feet. Whilst the Linear comes in just black and silver, the Linear SE can be customised with beautiful wood finishes.

Providing the best of both worlds the Linear USB and Linear D headphone amps feature built in DAC’s for high quality streaming. Keeping in mind the growing needs of the modern music enthusiast, Lehmann enables music playing from any digital device with a USB connection, upping its versatility. It even supports hi-res 384kHz PCM and DSD files for hi-res music streaming.

The Linear D provides reference quality for music streaming or CD playing as it uses hi-res ESS Sabre DAC optimised to reduce high frequency interference. Since it automatically optimises the input, it’s much easier to use and offers a seamlessly musical performance delivered with power and poise.

Lehmann Audio Drachenfels Headphone Amplifier

The Drachenfels is the newest headphone amplifier from Lehmann, and is their most ambitious design yet. This versatile little unit offers an entry level to Lehmann quality headphone amplification. It comes in either analogue, analogue and digital or analogue and USB versions. Whilst benefiting from Lehmann’s premium build quality, it incorporates a new modular design so whenever the listener requires upgrading, they can do so. Drachenfel can be used as a headphone amp, or pre-amp, and with the options to keep it purely analog or operate in the digital remain, at this price it’s a fantastic product.


Portable headphone amplification is becoming increasing popular as people don’t want to experience high-end sound without being constrained to the confines to listening room, office. The Traveller amp is ultra-compact, it can fit in your pocket yet has enough power to drive pretty much any headphones. Boasting an impressive 20 hour battery life, the Traveller provides a companion for even some of the longest flights. It’s fully analogue, can even be used as a pre-amplifier for active speakers, and even optimises the centre of sound imaging for those with hearing impairments. What an amp!

Lehmann Audio Traveller Headphone Amplifier


The studio/stage represents the pinnacle of Lehmann Audio’s sound engineering abilities. StudioCube headphone amp is designed to be used with professional kit, and deliver excellent sound in the studio and on stage. StudioCube is the perfect choice for studio monitoring as it’s designed for a clean and transparent sonic performance, free from any ear fatiguing qualities. This is because it has an outstanding transient response, which means music doesn’t need to be played as loud, which naturally protects the listeners hearing. Professional Neutrik inputs and outputs allow a high quality connection, and this headphone amp is capable of driving virtually any level of headphones.

Lehmann Audio Studio Cube Headphone Amplifier

Phono Stages

Lehmann Audio’s high quality phono stages start with affordable and compact Black Cube models and go up to the audiophile grade Silver Cube. Black Cube Statement is the entry-level phono stage from the German brand, compatible with MM and MC cartridges and featuring RIAA equalisation for higher transient respsonse. You don’t have to spend a lot to get quality from Lehmann, as the Statement has a mechanically dampened enclosure that houses an eloquent circuit design for  magical analog sound.

The classic Black Cube enables a faithful reproduction of vinyl records as it uses the same high-quality components that made this phono stage an award-winner at the time of its release in the late 90’s. The low-noise design of the Black Cube and compact dimensions mean it can even be placed next to your turntable during listening sessions with no issues. Sensational sound guaranteed. Looking for an even punchier bass? Lehmann’s Black Cube SE features an external PWX power supply designed to boost the low end and give that added edge and clarity to the mid-range.

Black Cube SE

For more info, see Lehmann’s website and view the full range with pricing on our main website.

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