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Namewee’s debut solo album is finally out !! Never before has an artiste release his debut album with a compilation of his already popular online songs in one single CD. 

In addition to his popular online songs like Muar Chinese and Muar Love Song, this limited edition CD comes with new killer tracks like ‘I AM WHO I AM’ which exceeded more than 400,000 online views in just two days!


As a special bonus, this release also comes with special 13-track KARAOKE DVD for die-hard Namewee fans to enjoy his music videos!

Not to be missed opportunity to support Namewee, so continue to support this Malaysian trend-setter artiste cum film-maker by purchasing his ORIGINAL album here! Don’t forget to check out his limited edition “SAY NO TO RACISM” T-shirt here and his previous productions including <I WANNA GO HOME> DVD and his debut EP album.

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Track List/曲目:

01. 我还是我 I Am Who I Am

02. 吉隆坡下雪 Snowing in KL

03. 拍拍手 Clap Hands

04. 不骂粗话 No More Vulgar

05. 我X你因为我爱你 I 'X' You Bcos I Love You

06. 放半粒 Handicap Goal!

07. KL的查某好好野 KL Girls - Ho Ho Yeah!

08. KL的查某对不起 KL Girls - I'm Sorry 

09. 好兄弟 Brotherhood

10. 新山真好 JB Song

11. Suukee Suukee Suukee (Hainanese Song)

12. 麻坡的情歌 Muar Chinese

13. 麻坡的华语 Muar Love Song

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