Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone Roundup

The entire month of April celebrates National Guitar Month. There are a variety of ways to celebrate, like learning guitar, stepping up your practicing, learning a new tune, or just listening to your favorite acoustic guitar songs. In honor of National Guitar Month, we’ve rounded up our favorite guitar microphones for everything from live performances to acoustic solos.

Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone Roundup
Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone

Acoustic Guitar Microphones 


Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe ATM350GL is the perfect mic to give you the confidence you need for performing. Great for use with acoustic guitars, the ATM350GL cardioid condenser is a sensitive mic that provides a clear, well-balanced response from the guitar. The microphone isolates the guitar by reducing side and rear pick-up and features a high-pass filter to help control undesired low-frequency noise, producing an exceptional sound for performing or just playing at home. Not only does this mic give you the confidence you need but it also includes the AT8491G guitar mount and a flexible AT8490L 9” gooseneck to securely fasten the mic to the guitar.



Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe PRO70 cardioid condenser lavalier/instrument microphone achieves full-sounding pickup in a miniature condenser microphone design. The PRO70 features a clothing clip and a guitar mount and provides outstanding consistency for any performance. Designed to relay audio clearly, the PRO70 provides natural sound when used as a clip-on for those acoustic performances.




Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupA part of the Artist Series, the ATM450 cardioid condenser microphone offers a side-address stick design, perfect for various placement options with minimal obstructions. The ATM450 offers uncompromising sound for acoustic guitars with its extended flat frequency response, ideal for high SPLs and live performances.





Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupDesigned to meet the most critical acoustic requirements, the AT4041 is a perfect tool for professional live performance and recording. This cardioid condenser microphone features a combination of quality audio at a moderate cost. The AT4041 also features an extended frequency response, with a slight rise in high-frequency for a higher SPL-handling capability.




Guitar Cabinet Microphones


Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic instrument microphone has a frequency response designed for clear sound reproduction of guitar cabinets. Featuring a new multi-stage flat grill design, the ATM650 provides precise positioning to capture sound. The ATM650 also features a powerful rare-earth magnet for improved output and transient response.





Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe AE3000 features a low-profile side-address design and delivers a quality performance at extreme SPLs. The AE3000 is perfect for guitar cabinets as it excels in providing extremely accurate and open sound. The tapered grille and robust design allow for optimal positioning as well as dependability, so you can ensure your next guitar solo is heard.





Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupKnown for capturing every nuance, the AT4050 is ideal for guitar cabinets in live performances and studio recording. Featuring three switchable polar patterns and a large diaphragm, the AT4050 has high-SPL capability. The AT4050 is celebrated for its transparent uppers/mids which provide the most natural-sounding performance.




Vocal Microphones


Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe Artist Elite® AE6100 is a key tool for any vocals accompanying guitar and delivers clean articulation and assertive sound for every performance. Lined with fine steel mesh and a layer of open-cell foam, the AE6100 is designed to last, with a foam disk positioned on the top for a final layer of protection. The AE6100 is a durable microphone with a polar pattern, designed to offer maximum feedback rejection and low handling noise.





Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupThe AE5400 cardioid condenser handheld microphone is a must-have for any performer. Designed to deliver clear, pristine sound quality with its anti-shock engineering for low handling noise and quiet performance. This mic features a large diaphragm capsule, resulting in a natural response for a high-quality performance, making it ideal for capturing crystal-clear vocals alongside your guitar’s audio.



Wireless Systems and Headphones


Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupMaximize your live performances with the ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones. These professional headphones deliver powerful bass with balanced mid and high frequencies and feature a dual phase push-pull driver design. The housings are specifically designed to provide high-quality isolation, along with comfort with silicone eartips for those long, live performances.



3000 Series

Audio-Technica’s Guitar Microphone RoundupWith an operating range of 300’ (100m), the 3000 series frequency-agile True Diversity UHF Wireless System, provides flexibility to live performances. The fourth-generation 3000 series provides 60 MHz tuning range, more than twice offered by the previous 3000 series. Frequencies can be easily scanned and synced with the transmitter and even allows you to backup frequency.

 Source: Audio-Technica