Audio-Technica Releases New Stereo Headset in South-East Asia, ATH-770XCOM

Take Your Remote Work Environment To The Next Level

Audio-Technica Releases New Stereo Headset in South-East Asia, ATH-770XCOM
Audio-Technica Releases New Stereo Headset in South-East Asia, ATH-770XCOM

During this pandemic situation, many organisations and employees have new challenges on how to accomplish their work at home. Many people are working even harder and suffer the risk of fatigue and burnout due to endless calls and video conferences.

Meeting spaces, working ethics and speed of communications changes. One has to rely on communication tools to enable effective meetings from taking place.

In Audio-Technica, we believed in heightening connections. And in order to make things easy, secure and effective, Audio-Technica is excited to announce the release of the new stereo headset, ATH-770XCOM.

This headsets make and receive calls easily with superior sound quality. This headset is ideal for work-related video conferencing and private video calls, as well as podcasting, streaming, and other content creation. The 3.5 mm (1/8ʺ) 4-pole mini-plug connects directly to a computer or tablet for immediate online use. The headphones utilize the same acoustic technology found in Audio- Technica models favoured by DJs and musicians. This means you get deep, impressive bass and crisp, clear vocals when enjoying music. The headset also includes a condenser microphone, known for superior performance in gaming headsets. The flexible gooseneck ensures optimum positioning to accurately capture your voice.

Unidirectional microphone with flexible gooseneck accurately captures your voice
The compact, high-performance condenser microphone minimizes the sound of breathing to capture only your voice. The flexible gooseneck design makes it easy to adjust the microphone to the best position for you.

Mute function for instant silencing of the mic
• Easily accessible volume control. The volume can be adjusted directly on the headset without changing the volume on the computer.

• 40 mm drivers and high-quality microphone for clear online calls. The headset combines our DJ monitor headphone acoustic technology with microphone technology developed over many years.

• Enclosed design shuts out external noise

The enclosed design prevents sound from leaking, eliminating microphone feedback loops while also ensuring a rich sound field.

The ATH-770XCOM will retail for USD 118.